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April 14, 2010

I left my heart in Indi…..

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Peanut Butter + Burger = True Love

I had to go to Indianapolis last weekend for a nursing conference -part of the J.O.B. As you can imagine, I was not thrilled about spending my weekend, beautiful weather and all, in crappy Indianapolis. Boy was I a fool. Who knew Indi is the home of the motor speedway peanut butter burger!!

Though I was only in the area long enough to enjoy two meals, I managed to squeeze in 3 versions of this beautiful concoction that was dreamt up by Elvis Presley himself.

The first was a beautiful 1/2 lb burger called the Elvis. It had cheese, mayo, bacon, peanut butter and fried bananas on a soft white bun. I split it with a friend and felt surprisingly great afterward. Somehow is did not taste as decadent as it sounded…which I thought was a good thing.

The second was a peanut butter and jelly burger. I ordered this through room service and it arrived a little cold and over cooked. It was good but it had grape jelly on it and I prefer strawberry. Bummer….

The last peanut butter burger is one that I will not soon forget. Pictured above, it included (from the bottom up):
1) heavily buttered roll
2)gobs of peanut butter
3)1/2 lb of the fattiest beef patty I have ever tasted (I could actually feel the grease oozing down my throat) Kind of….
4) Mayo (Isn’t this a little unnecessary?)
6) jalapenos
7) Bacon
8) Onion Rings

I am embarrassed to say that even though it was so rich and I felt like a glutinous pig, I devoured the entire thing. QUICKLY. I was with a group of work friends and decided to walk back to the conference rather than cab it with the rest of them in hopes of working off a few calories. I ensured them that I would hurry as to not be late for our next session of the conference.

If I would have planned ahead for this, I would have been sure to wear comfy shoes and pants with an elastic waistband. Instead, I was wearing a pant suit that I bought a size to small hoping to drop a few lbs. with a very restricting top. The bright sun was shining down like a spotlight and my four-inch heals started to feel like stilts as my knees buckled with every step. A wave a nausea came over me and though it was only about 75 degrees outside, I felt as if I were in the pits of hell. The chirping birds were spectators laughing and pointing at me and the street signs began to play tricks on me as I suddenly realized I was lost. I was drenched in sweat and self loathing thinking of the 4 hours of pain that I would have to go through when I arrived back at the conference. How could I face my coworkers who had just chosen health salads. How could I have done this to myself!

Some how I managed to find my way back to the conference and the cool air conditioning quickly took me from hot and sweaty to wet and freezing. Rather than thinking about speaking with customers my mind wandered back to that beautiful burger. The beef was so tender and perfectly cooked. The peanut butter so perfectly complimented the jalapenos. Oh My Gosh- I could totally go for another one right now I began to think.

Back to reality: There was either some sort of mind altering chemical in that burger, or I am loosing my mind because I have not been able to get it out of my thoughts since leaving Indi. Fattening food is addictive people!! I believe it.

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