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October 8, 2010

Emma Pillsbury is my idol

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I totally love Glee! You may think that I love it because of the amazing beautiful voice of Leah Michelle, the great cast of other characters, the perfectly crafted mix of pop and classic song/dance numbers or the drama. Yes, I love all of that but most of all, I adore the wardrobe of the character Emma Pillsbury.

Emma is the guidance counselor who is always dressed super feminine and preppy in the best possible way. The style is kind of quirky/old fashion and it’s just perfect. I wish I could dress like this. LC- if you are reading this, she dresses like you. And she also has red hair!

I have included a few images below. My main reason for posting this is because I am desperate to find one of the accessories that she has worn a few times. It’s a sweater clip. A little chain that clips both sides of a cardigan together. I will be forever grateful if someone can find this for me. Enjoy the pictures below.

April 25, 2010

Celebrity Stalker- Ryan Phillippe

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Ryan was in St. Louis in 2009 for an Obama rally.  I met him at a coffee shop.

Celebrity Stalker- Howard Stern

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I met Howard in 2006 on the Artie Lange dating game show.  I won the date with Artie!  Where are you Artie? We all miss you.

Celebrity Stalker- Artie Lange

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I thought it might be fun to upload a few pictures of celebrities that I know really well have met before.  The first of the series will be Artie Lange because he is my favorite and the one that I have hung out with the most.  This all started when I won a date with him on the Howard Stern Show.  I consider myself to be a super fan…If you listen to the show then you know what I am talking about.  If you don’t listen to the show…you are missing out.

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