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April 15, 2010

Reebok Easy Tone vs. MBT

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After trying on MBT’s 3 different times over a 12 month period I finally broke down and bought a pair in May, 2009.  I was going to be in China/Japan for 2 weeks and knew that I would be walking between 6 and 10 hours everyday “temple hopping”.  Unlike most, my main motivation to purchase MBT’s was not for weight loss or toning.  In addition to those benefits, the most important to me was the relief the shape of the shoe gives to the back and joints.  I know, I know- why am I so concerned with this at my age.  Well, I have a family history of bad knees and lets just say, the apple did not fall far from the tree. 

So, why the hesitation?  Why not just buy the dumb shoes …right?  Wrong!  The shoes I wanted were $244.95 and I felt like that was a little too much for a shoe I was taking a gamble on.  After realizing that my running shoes were not going to cut it in China, I gave in and bought the shoes.  I wore them around for a week to make sure I could walk in them.  I felt a little off-balance but quickly got used to them.  After feeling comfortable for a few days I decided to try them out while running.  Note: please be carefull if you try to run in these.  The combination of weight and height do not mix well.  About the weight (14 oz.) and height (2 inches) of the MBT’s- this created even more of a problem because despite my small 6 1/2 shoe size, these shoes are gigantic and kind of heavy.  This mattered not because of wearing them, but fitting them in my suitcase.  My goal was to pack 15 days worth of clothes and shoes into one carry on bag.  In the end, I was able to do it but it meant wearing the MBT’s on the plane.  Boy oh boy was that a bad idea.  I feel the need to include this because I think MBT and I got off to a bad start.  If I would have been wearing the softest most comfortable fuzzy slippers on the plane I probably would have cursed them after that 13 hour flight. 

From then on I dreaded wearing the shoes.  They were comfortable and my knees felt great the entire trip but they were very wobbly.  Imagine walking up those tiny ancient steps in shoes that are purposely made the throw you off-balance.  Needless to say, or maybe not, I havent worn the MBT’s since China (almost one year ago). 

Now to present day.  I was in Indianapolis for work and after eating a gigantic peanut butter burger decided it was time to look at some new running shoes.  This is when I noticed the Reebok Easy Tones.  If I wouldn’t have seen another person trying them on I wouldn’t have even noticed that the bottom of the shoe was different from any other shoe.  From the top and side they look like any other cute running sneaker.  I decided to try them on and didn’t want to take them off.  I bought them immediately, despite the $119 price tag and have been wearing them for the past two weeks.  I wear them to run, walk the dog, meet up with friends, whatever.  They are fabulous and worth every penny!  Now this business about toning your legs, who knows, but they are super comfortable.

Reebok wins… Sorry MBT’s.  I had so much hope for the two three of us.

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