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October 8, 2010

Skechers SUCK

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OK, so I am not really into the look of TOMS shoes but I do appreciate what they are doing for the needy. In case you don’t know, for every pair of shoes they sell, they donate a pair to a child in need.

Well, now freaking Skechers has now ripped TOMS off too. Skechers is known for jumping on the shoe bandwagon and making crappy copies of what is hot at the moment. A few Examples:
They copied the classic white K Swiss shoe 10 years ago and most recently MBT’s and TOMS.

Get your own ideas Sketchballs Skechers!

October 4, 2010

I need these running shoes!

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via Thepop.com

The buzz across the internet and on the streets of Tokyo’s Harajuku district has been building steadily. In October 2010, Nike and Jun Takahashi, founder and head designer of Japan’s coveted Undercover clothing label, will be releasing the first Nike x Undercover Gyakusou performance running collection.

Going Dark

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I am thinking about going dark- like my girl crush Rachel Bilson. I really love the roots look. What do you think?

Kate Moss for Vogue UK September 2010

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Kate Moss has still got it

September 30, 2010

Dream Car

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I was able to get my driver’s license when I was 14 because of some hardship law that Iowa had for those who lived more than 10 miles from their high school and did not have any other means of transportation. Or at least it was something like that….I can’t exactly remember the specifics but either way, at 14 I had a car and I drove all over the place. I will never forget the day I saved up the $500 to buy my grey 1987 Buick Century. I was free! I was only about 4’9 at the time so you can imagine what I looked like driving around in that huge car.

It was completely rusted, only two of the four doors opened and the radio never worked because of some sort of fuse issue, but it was mine and i loved it. Even though I loved that car, I longed for the day when I could move up in the world and get a nice car.

There was an Audi dealership that I passed every single day on the way to high school. The A4 convertible was my dream car and I honked at it every day on the way to school. occasionally, I would go there after hours and check out that cute little car and I promised that one day it would be mine.

Today while looking through a box in storage, I came across this picture. I was 15. I remember the day I put the “dream car” sticker on the picture. We were doing a class project about what we want in life. My “dream husband” was Ryan Phillipe, my “dream house” just said Mansion and my “dream car” was the Audi A4 Convertible.

Superficial Dreams really do come true…

Russia is a cold and strange place

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Though we only spent three days in Moscow, it was plenty. You could feel the bitterness from the people and even though Russia is no longer a communist country, it sure doesn’t feel that way. People have been arrested for taking pictures and you are hushed every where you go. I felt like at any moment someone might walk up to Andy and I and say “the girl goes with us” and I would never be seen again.

How fitting for the Russians that after the famous St. Basil’s Cathedral was finished being build, they made sure to blind the architect so that he could never build anything as beautiful again.

September 27, 2010

This is a must see

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My Friend Sara got engaged last week and they were able to capture it all on video. This is guarenteed to give you goose bumps.

September 17, 2010

I hate pennies too!!!

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September 8, 2010


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We are on our second day in Moscow right now. There are so many things I want to post about the past week—- Amsterdam, paris and Moscow, but I have super limited Internet and no access to pictures. Will post soon.

September 6, 2010

Fall 2010 and fur

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Just like the fashion industry wants me to be, I am super into fur right now. In June I picked up a fox tail and have been wearing it on my purse for the past few months.

Last summer, while were were in Tokyo, a ton of girls were wearing cat ears and animal tails. I have been in search for the perfect pair of ears ever since. Well, I think I found them….. You can find me in Moscow wearing these proudly in the next few weeks. Hopefully the people there are more fashion forward than in St. Louis.

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